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In order to replace the outdated KSO and KRUE type equipment in our region, the company offers the approach to the electricity distribution equipment. Our modules are anywhere from KSO to KRUE types.

Various installation options of electronic protection in our modules will allow providing the most effective protection for medium voltage equipment.  

We offer a choice of modules with vacuum circuit breakers VA-2 (made in Belgium) or CM-TEL (made by Tavrida Electric).

Using KD-2 type modules, you can build any distribution center circuit. Our assortment includes modules with draw-out vacuum circuit breaker (analog of KRUE and KRU), as well as with 搎uick release (i.e. fixed to busbars) circuit breaker. For easy mounting, we use flexible buses. Along with vacuum circuit breakers, we use sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) circuit breakers.  

The KD-AAD modules are installed on each feeder to provide automatic load transfer functions. It allows sectionalization of two busbar sections and protecting transformers and medium voltage equipment with vacuum circuit breaker and dual busbar sectionalization with RV44 load breaker switches. The KD-LKB can be also used for automatic load transfer.

We offer you modern equipment instead of outdated KSO and KRU(E). Our analogs of KSO (unilateral maintenance switchgear) and KRUE (SF6 insulated cubicle switchgear) are well estimated in many cities, including RIO Shopping Center in Moscow, Ivanovo and other cities. Reliability and maximum safety for personnel are the most important requirements to the equipment made by our company.  

We welcome you to a mutually beneficial cooperation with us!