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Arc quenching in SF6 switchgear

SF6 stands for sulphuric hexafluoride and is inert gas 5 times heavier than air. Its electrical strength is 2 to 3 times higher than the electrical strength of the air. At the atmospheric pressure, SF6 is approximately 100 times more effective than air in arc quenching. SF6 ability to quench arcing is explained by the fact that its molecules trap arc electrons and form relatively fixed negative ions. The loss of electrons makes the arc unstable, and it is easily extinguished. In SF6 stream, the electron uptake from the arc becomes even more intensive.    

SF6 is a clear, odorless, inert, non-toxic and non-flammable gas. The gas is extremely stable which is especially due to the six covalent connections of the molecule. SF6 has a molecular weight of 146.05; this is 5 times heavier than air, which means that it is one of the heaviest gasses. This gas can be obtained in cylinders anywhere in the world and is utilized extensively in the different sectors such as petro-chemical field, nuclear sector, and electron microscopy. SF6 is present even between double glass.

For over 30 years, SF6 gas has proved to be advantageous as an insulation and interruption medium in high and medium voltage installations. One of the physical characteristics of SF6 is that the gas neutralizes electrons. This insulating property makes SF6 particularly important to medium and high voltage switchgears, switches and transformers, as in MV and HV installations it is extremely important that the cables and switch equipment are well-insulated to avoid any electrical arc or short circuits.

There is yet another advantage, the space that can be saved when SF6 gas is chosen over air to ensure insulation. The load break switches made by Deba are filled with SF6. Switches are 搒ealed for life and require minimal maintenance.

In the framework of recycling of electrical components, current standards require compulsory recuperation at the end of the life of components containing gas. The recuperation of SF6 products is regulated and will be realized by specialized companies following a strict schedule.

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