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Module overview

Kaskad-TECHNOLOGIES and SYSTEMS offers the modular design KD-2 that combined all the functions of medium voltage systems. The offered modules are easy to use, reliable, safe in operation and environmentally friendly. Small-size modular cubicle-type switchgear (KRU) KD-2 with unilateral maintenance for indoor installation is designed to receive and distribute three-phase alternative current with rated current up to 1250 A, 50 Hz frequency, 6 to 24 kV voltage.

The KD-2 modules may be used in distribution points and transformer substations of municipal and industrial grids, and to power agricultural and railroad units. They meet all personnel and equipment safety requirements.

The KD-2 system is a modular concept built of modules with different functions according to the 揵uilding block principle. 

The module casing is made of 2mm galvanized steel plate. It is divided into compartments which localize internal arc in case of short circuit in one of the compartments. The roof of the module can be easily dismantled providing access to the busbar during installation and/or maintenance. The copper busbar is manufactured in function of the currents which results in minimal heating at the contact points. The user-friendly structure of the drive mechanism allows optional features to be installed easily at a later stage. The optional features and their accessories can be installed without taking the module out of service. The cable compartment is functional for easy connection of the cables. The maintenance personnel have easy access to all the module compartments which is important when assembling/disassembling cables, replacing fuses and during maintenance works.    

The earthing copper plates are mounted on the front panels of the modules and do not affect the connection activities. Manual control of the mechanical drives requires minimum switch force. The synoptic diagram on the front panel provides a clear and safe overview of the positions of the switch and the earthing knives.     

The modules can be additionally equipped with various options by the customer抯 request.
In section "Specifications of KD-2 modules" you can find a detailed description of 9 main module types for creating different layouts for transformer substations and central distribution substations.  

The KD-2 system is certified in accordance with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and the Russian standards. The whole design complies with IEC 60298 览, 60129, 62271-105, 60694, 60488.1, 64-701 (only in Belgium), 60932 method and ISO 9001. The module tests have been performed in accordance with IEC.

All modules can be delivered in the 1250 version (according to IEC 60265-1 - class 1) with 1250 busbars.