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RV 44: Load break switch

 The load break switch RV44 is a two position (open or closed) switch and its mechanical drive does not allow any inappropriate use. It consists of an epoxy casing in which fixed and movable parts have been assembled. The switch has been filled with SF6 gas pressured at 1.5 bars (abs) at 20把. The particular characteristics of the SF6 ensure an insulating and arc flame extinguishing function.

All synthetic parts in the switch are free of halogen, UV and ozone proof, enforced with glass fiber and comply with class UL 94 Vo.

During the design, the utmost care has been taken with the different parameters such as: very short arc times through an ideal switch speed.  The switch principle combines a maximum gas turn-around with a very precise finish of the electrical points for excellent dielectric characteristics and minimal contact erosion. The RV44 has been assembled in a manner which can be called 搒ealed for life. Each separate switch is measured systematically for gas density through a fully automatic He-Lek detector. This construction seals the life expectancy of the set for 30 years. A fixed mechanical connection always reflects the correct indication of the switch position on the synoptic diagram of the module. The RV44 has also been tested for such function as visible interruption.