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The central office Moscow:
109028, Moscow, pr. Podkolokolnyi, 13/5

(495) 514-20-09,
(495) 514-20-48
(495) 514-20-68

Additional office and manufacture Kaluga:
248000, Kaluga, st. Mekhanizatorov, 38

(4842) 716-104 (sale)
(4842) 716-058
(4842) 716-059 (fax)


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We put new technologies into life!

The significant volume of morally and physically outdated equipment (depreciation of electrical industry exceeds 70%), relatively high maintenance costs, insufficient level of technology development - all of that prompted TASHIR Group of Companies, Moscow, to pay their attention to the development of electrical industry.

The Kaskad-TECHNOLOGIES and SYSTEMS Company was created to implement the latest European technologies into electrical equipment production. The first significant result of this work is the start-up of modern high voltage equipment production plant in Kaluga (under technology of the Belgian company DEBA).
The modular design KD-2 we present is intended for reception and distribution of three-phase alternative current, 50 Hz frequency, 6 to 24 kV voltage. The KD-2 modules can be used to rebuild and build new feeding centers, central distribution points, cubicle switchgear, transformer and grid substations.